A new line of Jurassic World is coming up – Dino Trackers

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It is important to keep the fans busy and to lay out the foundations for the next movie addition to the Jurassic World universe. Universal Pictures and especially the Jurassic universe are famous for their interactive online projects.

Before Jurassic World Dominion was released there were number of websites generating content hyping the most anticipating fans. Dinosaur Protection Group and the Dino Tracker were two of them reporting news from the alternative reality where the dinosaurs live free among us.

The next line of Jurassic toys to be released is called “Dino Trackers” and has a very intriguing dino lineup. Of course, the Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App) has been updated already and the new dinosaurs can be unlocked with good old DNA Scan Codes for connected play through the updated Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App). For the moment we know about 19 dinosaurs decided in the following groups:

  • Danger Pack
  • Wild Roar
  • Strike Attack
  • Track ‘N Attack
  • Gigantic Tracker

Here is a detailed breakdown of the currently known toy lineup:

Danger Pack

This Danger Pack category consists of dinosaurs that used to hunt or live/move in packs. This is why we can find herbivores as well as carnivores in the Danger Pack set. The Danger Pack are not battery operated and they all have hidden Tracking Code.

Nothosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Elaphrosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Austroraptor – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Brachiosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order

Diabloceratops – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Dryptosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Eocarcharia – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Kronosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order

Strike Attack

Each of the Strike Attack dinosaurs will be showcasing their strongest attack feature. Bites, head shake,  tearing action etc will demonstrate how dangerous they were back then. The toy dinosaurs from the collection also come in special camouflage skin patterns depending on their habitat.

Edaphosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Genyodectes Serus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Gigantspinosaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Herrerasaurus – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order
Zuniceratops – DNA Scan Code – Pre-Order