“Look at that sharp claws. They were not painting their nails back then. Those nails were used for tearing other dinosaurs apart.”
Richard Kiley talking about Eocarcharia on the tour.

Eocarcharia lived in the Sahara about 112 million years ago, in what today is the country of Niger. The Eocarcharia was discovered just recently in the year 2000. 

Its teeth were shaped like blades and were used for disabling live prey and ripping apart body parts.
Eocarcharia’s brow is swollen into a massive band of bone that potentially expanded into a crest.

It was one of the many gigantic theropod dinosaurs found in the Sahara and among the largest carnivores to ever live on Earth.
Eocarcharia was 7–9 meters in length based on recent estimates.
Being a carcharodontosaurid, it may have ate sauropods such as Nigersaurus taqueti

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Name Meaning




Dawn shark

Carnivorous 🥩

2.1 meters (7 feet)

7-9 meters (25-32 feet)

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