Siats Meekerorum

“Siats” can also mean a man-eating monster in the Ute mythology.”

Siats meekerorum, meaning Man-Eating Monster, was the apex predator of the Cenomanian Stage. It was named after a man eating monster and the Meeker family, who are museum donors. Holotype specimen is found in Utah, Cedar Mountain formation (Mussentuchit Member), which also gave us the well-known Deinonychus. The holotype is also the only known specimen from this genus, described by paleontologist Lindsay E. Zanno in year 2009. It is one of the largest theropod dinosaurs known from North America. Skeleton includes traces of wide, crocodilian – shaped teeth. Dr. Zanno thinks that is a clue that giant crocodiles. Today, Siats is generally known for being the fourth largest terrestrial carnivore North America has ever known. It was initially classified as a megaraptoran, a group with controversial relations. The group may be tyrannosauroids, allosauroids, or basal coelurosaurs.

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siats meekerorum

Name Meaning






Siats (name of a monster in Ute mythology)

Carnivorous 🥩

14.76 feet (4.5 meters)

39 feet (11.9 meters)

8,800 pounds (399.61 kilograms)