“That is not a dinosaur it is not a saurus either. I will send myself out now.”


Nothosaurus had a long, narrow snout and fang-like teeth. Small teeth lined its jaw to the back of the cheek region. Eight species of nothosaurs have been found in Europe and the Near East. In the Early Triassic, a rise in sea level allowed Nothosaurus to enter a shallow sea in what is now Israel. There, new species of nothosaurs evolved, including a specialised dwarf species. The average nothosaur grew to be about 3 metres long. It lived 240-210 years million years ago.

Nothosaurus was a semi-oceanic animal that probably had a lifestyle similar to modern seals. It was about 4 metres tall, had long webbed toes, and possibly a tail fin. When swimming, Nothosaurus used its tail, legs, and webbed feet to move and steer through the water. The skull was broad and flat, with long jaws studded with needle teeth, it probably caught fish and other marine animals. Nothosaurus hunted by slowly sneaking up on prey, such as schools of small fish, and then really stepping on the gas at the last minute.

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Name Meaning



False lizard

Carnivorous 🥩

3 metres (9 ft)