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Yes we do have most of them already here. We are constantly adding new scan codes to our collections and when new wave of toys is released. You can check regularly for new codes.

A specific dinosaur will be featured each week. The featured dinosaur will appear as the first tile in your collection tab.

This means the dinosaur is waiting to be scanned. When you click the tile, you can still press and hold
the screen to light a flare to preview the dinosaur.

The DNA scan code can be found under the foot of your dinosaur figure. Each original Jurassic Park dinosaur action figure comes with the DNA code ready to be scanned.

Try to increase or decrease ambient lighting. Scanning may function better in different light, depending on the device used. Position the device at mid-range from the sticker, wait for the camera to focus, then slowly back away and/or move closer to optimize the zoom. Make sure your camera lens is clean.

The in-game version doesn’t include battle damage or elements related specifically to the toy (i.e. wheels on a dinosaur or other toy features).

No. As far as we know such mod does not exist at the moment. However, you can easily get all dinosaurs unlocked using our scan codes for free. 

Check our Scan Code Collections

Correct answers in the quiz boost your rank! There are 10 rank levels. You can tap your current rank to view your progress.

Earn a gold badge by correctly answering at least half of the questions in each quiz round. The more you play, the more gold badges you can earn! Earn as many as 3 gold badges for each quiz category.

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