Why was the Triceratops such a popular dinosaur? Because it was always tri-horny!
Alan Grant

Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaurs that lived during the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, around 68 to 66 million years ago. They were one of the last dinosaurs to exist before the mass extinction event that wiped out all non-avian dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous. The triceratops is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs and is known for its large size and distinctive facial features, including a large bony frill and three horns on the top of its head.

Triceratops was a large, quadrupedal dinosaur that stood on its hind legs. It had a heavy, solid body, with a total length of around 9 meters (30 feet) and a weight of around 6-12 tons. It had a short, thick neck and a small, triangular head with a beak-like snout. Its most distinctive feature was its large bony frill, which extended from the back of its head and was adorned with spikes and ridges. Triceratops also had two long, curved horns above their eyes, as well as a shorter, straighter horn on the end of their snout.

Triceratops was a herbivore, feeding on a variety of plants, including ferns, cycads, and conifers. It used its strong jaw muscles and sharp beak to bite off and grind up tough plant material. Triceratops lived in small herds and may have used their horns and frill for defence against predators, such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Triceratops is a popular dinosaur among both adults and children, and it has appeared in many books, movies, and TV shows like The Land Before Time, Toy Story 3, The Good Dinosaur etc. It is also an important fossil for scientists studying the evolution and behaviour of herbivorous dinosaurs.

How to unlock Triceratops in Jurassic World Epic Evolution Collection?

Open up your Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App), press the Scan button and point it towards the DNA code here:

Jurassic World Dominion ROARIVORES Triceratops Action Figure DNA Scan Code.

Triceratops - Epic Evolution - Jurassic World DNA Scan Code
Triceratops - Epic Evolution - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code