“When we are speaking about herbivorous dinosaurs we are used to their enormous size but the Guaibasaurus is quite the opposite. I want to have it as a pet!”
Ben  admiring at the size of the Gaibasaurus.

Guaibasaurus is a genus of small dinosaur that lived during the Late Triassic period, approximately 225 million years ago. It belongs to the group of dinosaurs known as basal sauropodomorphs, which are the early relatives of the giant long-necked sauropods.

Guaibasaurus was a relatively small dinosaur, estimated to have been about 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6.5 feet) in length. It had a slender body and long hind limbs, which are typical features of basal sauropodomorphs. These characteristics suggest that Guaibasaurus was a bipedal (walking on two legs) herbivore.

Guaibasaurus was first discovered in the early 20th century in the Santa Maria Formation of Brazil. The first fossils were described by the Brazilian paleontologist José Bonaparte in 1991. The name “Guaibasaurus” is derived from “Guaíba,” which refers to the city of Porto Alegre near where the fossils were found, and “saurus,” meaning lizard.

Guaibasaurus is considered an important transitional form in the evolution of sauropodomorph dinosaurs. It exhibits both primitive features found in earlier dinosaurs and specialized traits that would become more pronounced in later sauropodomorphs.

How to unlock Guaibasaurus in Jurassic World Epic Evolution Collection?

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Guaibasaurus - Epic Evolution - Jurassic World DNA Scan Code
Guaibasaurus - Epic-Evolution - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code