“That does not look like Spinosaurus. As it is smaller, but still terrifying as a Spinosaur”
Owen Grady

Siamosaurus was a dinosaur relative to the spinosaurus family in and roamed the Earth during the Cretaceous period.

The Siamosaurus fossils are quite rare and they are not well-researched species. Its teeth resembled those of its relatives the Spinosaurus Egyptians. Its diet is thought to have consisted mainly of aquatic animals, such as large fish and crocodiles, although it is known that spinosaurids were generalist carnivores. This carnivore generalism appears to be the case, as some of the Siasmosaurus remains found are directly associated with sauropod remains.

Further comparisons between the teeth of spinosaurids and those of a later theropod, crocodile, and turtle showed that they were more similar to those of crocodiles and turtles than originally thought, supporting the notion that Siamosaurus and some species of spinosaurids were probably semiaquatic. The results of the research suggest that some spinosaurids had a lifestyle similar to that of crocodiles and hippopotami and spent most of their daily life in water.

Siamosaurus and Ichthyovenator are the two primary spinosaurid species that live in south east Asia. How they migrated there or why they lived there is unknown. There seems to be no identifiable advantages living there, other than maybe the lack of larger spinosaurids and larger carnivores.

How to unlock Siamosaurus in Jurassic World Dino Trackers Collection?

Open up your Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App), press the Scan button and point it towards the DNA code here:

Jurassic World Dominion Massive Action Siamosaurus Dinosaur Figure, Attack Action & Chomp DNA Scan Code

Siamosaurus - Dino Trackers - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code
Siamosaurus - Jurassic World Diminion - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code

Name Meaning





Siamese lizard

Carnivorous 🥩

9 meter (30 feet)

2 meters (6 feet)

1.1 tons (2,200 lbs)