“I still have trouble believing airplanes can fly, so don’t get me started on this Pteranodon. But fly it does. Oh, and it is also known as a ‘toothless wing’. Toothless, huh? Yeah, I’m not buying that either.”
Cabot Finch

The Pteranodon is one of the largest known pterosaurs, boastsing an impressive wingspan that can reach up to 7 meters. Its distinct feature is the crest atop its skull, which serves display purposes. Despite primarily feeding on fish, Pteranodon lacks teeth and relies on its beak to consume its prey. Its name, meaning ‘wing toothless,’ reflects this characteristic.

Pteranodon is renowned among flying reptiles, with over 1,200 documented specimens. The initial findings date back to 1870 when American paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh discovered numerous wing bones in Kansas, specifically from the Smoky Hill Chalk Member. Initially misclassified as Pterodactylus, the excavation of a toothless skull in 1876 confirmed the identification of a new genus.

Pteranodon thrived approximately 80-85 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period, primarily in North America, particularly in the vicinity of the Western Interior Seaway. It coexisted with its relative, Nyctosaurus, and the toothed bird Ichthyornis. To evade predators, Pteranodon constructed nests at great heights.

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