“Did you know that the first Elasmosaurus was discovered by the US military back in 1867 near Fort Wallace, Kansas, US?”

Isaaac Clement

Elasmosaurus is a genus of large marine reptile, specifically a plesiosaur, that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 80 million years ago. It is best known for its long neck, which was made up of around 70 vertebrae, giving it a length of about 10.3 meters (34 ft) in length and 2 metric tons (2.2 short tons) in body mass.

Elasmosaurus had four flippers that it used to propel itself through the water, and a long, slender tail that it likely used to provide additional propulsion. Its body was covered in scales, and it had a large, toothy mouth for catching fish and other marine prey.

Despite its famous long neck, Elasmosaurus likely didn’t have much flexibility in its neck due to the relatively short and rigid nature of its individual vertebrae. Instead, it may have used its neck to sweep through schools of fish to catch its prey more efficiently.

Fossils of Elasmosaurus have been found in North America, including in the Western Interior Seaway that once divided the continent during the Late Cretaceous period. Along with other marine reptiles and sharks, Elasmosaurus would have been a dominant predator in the seaway.

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Name Meaning




Thin-plate reptile

Carnivorous 🥩

10.3 m (34 feet)

2 metric tons (4400 lbs)