“Some dinosaurs are called cute names such as this one. Bisti Beast just like Mark Wahlberg is was once called Marky Mark”

Bistahieversor, a member of the tyrannosaurid family, lived in late Cretaceous New Mexico and is believed to have measured between 24 to 28 feet and weighed up to 2 tons. Unlike other tyrannosaurids such as Tyrannosaurs, Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus, Bistahieversor had a distinctively shaped skull.

Bistahieversor had a long, narrow skull filled with sharp, serrated teeth that were used for ripping and tearing flesh. Its arms were relatively short compared to its body size, but were still strong and muscular, allowing it to hold onto prey while biting and tearing.

Fossils of Bistahieversor have been found in the United States, specifically in the state of New Mexico. It lived in a warm, humid environment that was likely heavily forested and dotted with lakes and rivers.

How to unlock Bistahieversor in Jurassic World Dino Trackers Collection?

Open up your Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App), press the Scan button and point it towards the DNA code here:

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Bestahieversor - Dino Trackers - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code
Bistahieversor - Dino Trackers - Jurassic World Play DNA Scan Code

Name Meaning




Bistahi destroyer

Carnivorous 🥩

9-10 meters (30-33 feet)

1.1-4 tons (2,200-8,000 lbs)