“Minmi is a relatively small, armored herbivore from Cretaceous Australia. What sets this species apart from other members of its family are the horizontally orientated plates that run along the sides of its backbone – hence the binomial name, Minmi paravertebra.”
—DR. Kajal Dua

Minmi was a small member of the family of plant-eating armored dinosaurs that also included Ankylosaurus. It had several features not seen before on armored dinosaurs, such as bony armor on its underside, and it may have lacked any kind of spines or spikes on its neck and shoulders.[1]
Recent studies have also uncovered stomach contents associated with this dinosaur. This amazing discovery led to the first reliable analysis of an herbivore’s diet. It also proved that ankylosaurs were herbivorous and that their diet consisted of soft plant materials, such as leaves, fruit, and small stems. The size of the material in its stomach also suggests that it had cheeks that allowed it to chew its food before it swallowed.[1]

Minmi was the first ankylosaur discovered in Australia. Ankylosaurs normally had shoulder spines, but none were found with this fossil. This may be due to the way in which it became fossilized and doesn’t necessarily mean that it never had any.[1]

Minmi was unique in two ways. It is the most complete dinosaur yet discovered in Australia, and it has one of the shortest names of any dinosaur.

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Named after Minmi Crossing

Herbivorous 🌿

1 meter (3 feet)

3 meters (9.8 feet)

300 kilograms (660 lbs)