Jurassic World Epic Evolution Craterosaurus

“Now you see why we thought that this is commonly mistaken for a Stegosaurus.”
Ben Pincus

Craterosaurus Epic Evolution

The Craterosaurus, was a stegosaurid dinosaur genus, that lived during the Early Cretaceous or in other words somewhere around 145-136 million years ago. Fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in England.

The only known species of Craterosaurus is Craterosaurus pottonensis, first described in 1874 by Harry Seeley. The species name honors the Potton bonebed, where the fossil was found.

How to unlock Craterosaurus in Jurassic World Epic Evolution Collection?

Open up your Jurassic World Play App (previously known as the Jurassic World Facts App), press the Scan button and point it towards the DNA code here:

Jurassic World Dominion Gigantic Trackers Stegosaurus Action Figure Toy with Attack Motion & Tracking Gear DNA Scan Code.

Craterosaurus Epic Evolution JurassicDNA scan code