“Ahhh another Chinese dinosaur. Do you know what kǒng lóng means in Chinese? It means terrifying dragon although it sounds like something funnier.”

Dr. Ian Malcolm

Xuanhanosaurus was a carnivorous theropod that roamed the earth during the Jurassic era. According to the American paleontologist Thomas R. Holtz Jr. that was somewhere between 167 to 161 million years ago.

The size of the Xuanhanosaurus has an estimated length is around 4.5m and weighed somewhere around 250kg.  According to its bone structure and size, it is believed that it was quite fast-moving dinosaur as quite prepared for hunting even large prey with its strong front limbs and sharp teeth.

The name Xuanhanosaurus basically means “The Xuanhan Lizard” as it is named on the Xuanhan County in Sichuan region in China.

Actually, the Xuanhanosaurus is often depicted as bipedal but due to the very strong set of arms there are many paleontologists that believe the Xuanhanosaurus might have been walking on all four legs. However, this is quite controversial since this would make the Xuanhanosaurus the only four-legged carnivorous dinosaur in the era.

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Name Meaning




Xuanhan lizard

Carnivorous 🥩

4 meters (15 ft)

250kg (500 lb)