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“You’ve successfully introduced a new dinosaur… a Proceratosaurus. This animal is instantly recognizable by the colorful crest on its snout. While smaller in stature than some other predators, it is not a dinosaur to be taken lightly, let me tell you.
Isaac Clement

Proceratosaurus was a primitive coelurosaurian theropod that lived in England, Europe in the Middle Jurassic Period. It looked somewhat similar to the later Ceratosaurus, for which it is named after, but only due to it also having a horn-like crest.

Despite its name, it is not related to Ceratosaurus, but to the later Tyrannosaurus. Overall, Proceratosaurus was a much more gracile and delicate animal. Recent research has speculated with good supporting evidence that Proceratosaurus is the earliest tyrannosauroid.

Since only part of Proceratosaurus’ crest is preserved, it’s possible it had a crest similar to Guanlong, Kileskus, and Sinotyrannus.

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