“Okay so this next dinosaur, the Parasaurolophus, has a flair for the dramatic, especially where its head is concerned. It has a distinctive cranial crest, which is used for added resonance in its vocalizations and to regulate body temperature.”
Isaac Clement

Parasaurolophus is an extinct genus of hadrosaurid (sometimes referred to as the hadrosaurs or duck-billed dinosaurs) from approximately 76.5–73 million years ago (late Cretaceous). It is a herd animal feeding on the park’s rich vegetation. The most stunning feature of the Parasaurolophus is the crest on its head. Scientists were unsure of its function until today. Some believed it was a snorkel for when the animal was in the water, others felt that it was used in combat. We now know that it serves for display and for communication, allowing the animals to remain in contact over distance by amplifying their loud cries.


Jurassic World Figure 12″ Parasurolophus DNA Scan Code.

Parasaurolophus dino rivals code

Name Meaning





Near crested lizard/reptile

Herbivorous 🌿

4 meters (13 feet)

10 meters (33 feet)

4-5 tons (8,000-10,000 lbs)