“Let me introduce you to Monolophosaurus. This is a no-frills predator straight from the Jurassic. Honestly, I could wax lyrical for days, ’cause it’s hard not to be impressed by such a colorful crest. But don’t be fooled; this is one minacious hunter!”Isaac Clement

Monolophosaurus was a medium sized theropod from the Middle Jurassic period. It was named for the single crest on top of its skull. The only known species, Monolophosaurus jiangi, measured 7.5 metres in length and weighed 1,565 pounds. Monolophosaurus may have hunted in packs to take down Sauropods like Mamenchisaurus, although no evidence have been found of Monolophosaurus hunting in packs. Monolophosaurus was a crested dinosaur, but it wasn’t closely related to other crested dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus. In fact, it was closer related to the more advanced tetanurans, like Allosaurus.


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Name Meaning





Single-crested lizard

Carnivorous 🥩

2 metres (6 feet)

5-7.5 metres (15-24.6 feet)

453-709 kilograms (1,000-1,565 lbs)