Scorpios Rex

“Not much gives me the chills. But this… this is something else. Now listen to me very carefully; it is imperative that you keep the Scorpios rex under control. If this thing escapes… well, I’m not even gonna go there.”
George Lambert

The Scorpios rex (E750) was a genetically engineered dinosaur that was cryogenically frozen and kept in InGen’s hidden tunnels until it managed to break free. This hybrid creature serves as the primary antagonist in Season 3 of the animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Two Scorpios rex individuals are known to exist: the first one was created by Henry Wu, while the second one was reproduced asexually by the original specimen.

The Scorpios Rex is portrayed as a theropod of moderate size, smaller than the Indominus Rex but slightly larger than the Indoraptor, while being bigger than the Velociraptor.

Both of the Scorpion Rex individuals possessed a covering of charcoal black scales, giving them a distinct appearance. However, their features were highly distorted and grotesque, leading Simon Masrani to deem them unsuitable for public exhibition. These characteristics included a short-snouted muzzle, red eyes positioned high on the skull with slit pupils, a pronounced overbite, and irregular, jagged teeth. The dinosaur also had venomous spines on its elbows, tail, and neck, a result of incorporating scorpionfish DNA. These spines could detach and penetrate an adversary’s flesh, reminiscent of a porcupine’s defensive mechanism.

Similar to Henry Wu’s previous hybrid creations, the Scorpios rex possesses opposable thumbs and gripping talons, providing it with the ability to climb and surprise its prey from elevated positions. Like the Indominus rex, the Scorpios rex possesses infrared vision, granting it the capability to detect the heat signatures of its prey. Additionally, the dinosaur features a pair of short spurs emerging from the back of its heels.

Due to the inclusion of frog DNA, the hybrid possessed the capability of asexual reproduction. Consequently, the solitary Scorpios Rex was able to give birth to another member of its species. Coupled with its accelerated growth rate, this characteristic would have led to a rapid expansion of the population of these lethal creatures if not kept under control.


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Name Meaning





Scorpion King

Carnivorous 🥩

3.3-3.5 meters (11 to 11.5 feet)

8 meters (26.25 feet)


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