“This one’s more my speed. The Ouranosaurus is named after the Arabic word for “courage”, which is kinda my thing. This dinosaur is easy to care for, and really only wants a comfortable place to eat and rest. And to be left alone. Sound like anyone you know?”
Cabot Finch

Ouranosaurus (meaning “brave lizard”) was a hadrosauriform dinosaur that lived in Africa during the Early Cretaceous period. Ouranosaurus had a hump similar to that of present day camels. Ouranosaurus lived in Africa during the Cretaceous period, alongside predators like Suchomimus, Eocarcharia, and Sarcosuchus, and was their common prey.

Ouranosaurus measured about 7 meters (23-27 feet) long and weighed about 2-4 tons. Two complete fossils were found in the Echkar (or El Rhaz) Formation, Gadoufaoua deposits, Agadez, Niger in 1966 along with a third indeterminate specimen. The animal was named by a French paleontologist in 1976 called Philippe Taquet.

Ouranosaurus was named “brave” due to the fact that the nomadic people of the Sahara call a native species of monitor lizard, “ourane” which means brave. The resemblance was carried on.

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Name Meaning





Brave lizard

Herbivorous 🌿

3 meters (10 feet)

8.3 meters (27 feet)

4.4 tons (8,800 lbs)