The 10 Dinosaurs From Jurassic World That Everyone Wants

The 10 Dinosaurs from Jurassic World That Everyone Wants

We know that you want them too. Everyone wants them.

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When it comes to the question “What is your favourite dinosaur”, most people usually shrug and or simply say the most obvious, T-Rex or some of the most popular dinosaurs. The reason is quite simple:

Everyone knows Rexy From the T-Rex to the cunning Velociraptors, the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies and toys produced a vast list of well-known dinosaurs that have become instant favorites among fans.

Here, with my son, we decided to take a closer look at the 10 dinosaurs from Jurassic World that everyone wants.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Everyone Loves

The undisputed Queen of the Jurassic World universe, the T-Rex is the raw power and primal majesty incarnated. There is none we we could think of that does not know about the Tyrannosaurus Rex or at least to have head if it.

Some are making fun of its frontal limbs but they wouldn’t be so brave if T-Rex is chasing them. Others are comparing it with the nowadays chickens and since I have seen a featherless chicken for the first time and how angry it it looks like I have more respect towards chickens than ever before.

However, everyone knows the iconic roar and colossal size this I believe make it a must-have dinosaur in any collection.


They are fast
They are Smart

Clever, swift, and highly intelligent, Velociraptors have gained a massive fan following. It is not a coincidence that in every Mattel collection there a bunch of Velociraptor toys with minor differences like, colouring, sculpting and/or additional electronic features.

It all started with the opening scenes of the first Jurassic Park and the clever boy who was making fun of the Velociraptors comparing them with Turkeys. And then out of nowhere, Dr. Alan Grant dropped the bone-chilling description of how those turkeys were about to gut him before he even knew that they were nearby.

Then we all fell in love with the Clever Girl Velociraptor that ambushed the professional hunter Muldoon. One of the scariest jump scares of its time, we still have fun watching it.

And last but not least we all like Velociraptors because of Blue because of the added emotional layer to their appeal and their bonding with Owen.

Indominus Rex

Can you run
Fast Enough

A genetically modified hybrid, the Indominus Rex is a formidable and terrifying creature that combines various dinosaur traits.

Three parts Tyranosaurus Rex from where it gets its aggression and power, two parts Velociraptor for that extra speed and intelligence, a sprinkle of Giganotosaurus for the outstanding size, Pit Viper and Cuttlefish and a bit of a tree frog for camouflage abilities. There it is, the most dangerous predator to roam the earth. 

There are not enough villains in the Jurassic World universe let alone a more memorable one than the Indominus Rex.


All time
Kids Favourite

The Stegosaurus stands out as one of the most famous dinosaurs, mainly due to the distinctive spiky plates that cover its spine all the way back to the tail. Sharing the same habitat with powerful predators such as Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus, the Stegosaurus evolved in need of self-defence mechanisms.

The long spikes on the top of its tail served as a formidable weapon, enabling it to strike at candidates for an easy snack. As for the armour plates across the back, their purpose is still debated as some say they were primarily for display, potentially serving to attract a mate as others believe that it was a way to channel the airflow for better cooling. 

Nevertheless, its gentle nature and striking features make it easily a world wide kid’s favourite.


Second Best

With its three-horned face and sturdy build, the Triceratops is a classic example of a dinosaur that is adored by all kids. It can poke with the horns, it has a funny-looking crest around the head, what is not to like?

Of course it appears in the first Jurassic Park movie although although the role was a bit embarrassing in the scene with the big pile of poop. Although not embarrassing enough as it was for the actors that had to examine it.

Remember kids do not eat random berries in the forest if your parents are not around!



Taking the action underwater, the Mosasaurus is a colossal marine reptile that made us gasp in aww when it was first presented in Jurassic World. Its massive size and fearsome bite make it a standout dinosaur and one of the fans’ top 10 favourites.

I do not want to spoil the movie for anyone who is still about to watch it for the first time but my oh my are we not thankful to the mighty Mososaurus?



The heavily armoured Ankylosaurus is a fan-favourite for its agility and pack defensiveness, including a tail club that can deliver powerful blows. 

We know how brave the Ankylosaurus are defending their pack and territory and along with their cute playful posture they are widely adored by the fans.

The Camp Cretaceous Bumpy the Ankylosaurus is also one of the reasons why they are so popular as bumpy is one of the main protagonists in the series.


The Gentle

We all know that there were pretty big dinosaurs and usually when someone says the word dinosaur we always associate it with their outstanding size.

To tower over almost all other dinosaurs was not an easy task and the first name that comes up when we are speaking for giant dinosaurs is the Brachiosaurus. It is known for its long neck and massive size as well as with its peaceful nature it takes a special place in our hearts.



Recognized for its speed and agility, the Gallimimus is a herding dinosaur that was shown to run free across the Isla Nublar green fields. They somehow resemble the Ostrich but without the feathers and the fact that they are much larger.

Despite their peaceful nature better stay away as they can out run you easily and you do not want to be stomped by dinosaurs.


King of the

Piercing the clouds, the Pteranodons bring an additional layer of reality to the Jurassic World lineup. Their soaring flights and menacing beaks make them a thrilling addition to any dinosaur fan collection. 

My son always makes fun of them calling them bats with hats due to the crest of the Pteranodon and the way it looks like it was wearing a funny hat.



This top 10 is based on our personal preferences and are fully aware that there are plenty of Diplodocus, Dilophosaurus and Athrociraptor fans that would say that we missed their favourite dino. And you are right. All dinos were cool and deserve to be in the list but this is our pick. Stay roarsome and nerdy.


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